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Carrot On My Wayward Son
Our Price: $17.99

One of the first "gourmet" soups to hit the market, our Carrot/Ginger Bisque is both warm and comforting, like a classic old song. Add coconut, and you have a fantastic updated version that is as refreshing as seeing your old, favorite band from high school.

Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, Vegan.
Delta Prawn
Our Price: $22.99

The REAL DEAL- need we say more? Authentic New Orleans Gumbo; Okra, File Powder, Andouille and Fresh Jumbo Shrimp straight from the Gulf! Our Roux was both learned and perfected under the tutelage of the Grand-Master of all things Roux, with a color so deep and a texture so smooth it's almost a shame to eat it. Don some beads, dig in, and Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler!
'Snip Sliding Away
Our Price: $20.99

One of our absolute favorite root vegetables, slow roasted for optimum flavor, then simmered with organic veggies and fresh herbs. Puréeing and adding fresh toasted chestnuts brings this baby to perfection. An incredible soup, but a challenge to name.
*Gluten-Free, Vegan option available.
Rock Lobster
Our Price: $56.00

Lobster Bisque, with chunks of fresh, succulent Maine lobster.
Need we say more! Our 64oz. size feeds up to 8 people.
*This product is prepared only as is. It is not appropriate for vegetarians and/or vegans (unless fish eating veg's).
Get Plucky
Our Price: $21.99

The best cure for whatever ails you!
Like our stuffed cabbage, Rockin' The Ladle's Chicken Soup hails from an age-old family recipe passed down through the generations. Only the freshest, purest ingredients are used, including antibiotic and hormone free chicken, farm fresh vegetables and herbs, and a few family secrets.
One bowl is like a day at the spa!
Mr. Tom-Ato
Our Price: $21.99

Slow-roasted heirloom tomatoes fresh from the hothouse make this soup simply irresistible. Our aromatic herbs and house-secret spice mixture pave the way for creating a most incredible balance and depth of flavors. Truly unique and perfect for all dietary demands, our take on Tomato Soup is unlike any you've ever seen or tasted. Our customers cannot get enough of it- it is a top seller week after week.

*Gluten-Free. Vegetarian. Vegan option available. Please click on picture for all nutritional info.
Moos Like Jagger
Our Price: $25.99

Long-lived and classic, with lots of spice and a bit of sass. This chili is the real deal; one bite will rock your socks off!

Since I've Been Loving Stew
Our Price: $28.99

The perfection and awesomeness of this band and song truly complement
the infallible comfort and warmth one gets from indulging in this classic dish. Always dependable for putting a smile on one's face, your head and your heart will sing from the very first bite! Our 32oz. size can feed up to 4; our 64oz. up to 8.

Rock n' Roll CRAN-tasy
Our Price: $28.99

RTL's famous cranberry relish. Not a soup, but this "bad" boy is so worthy of being here! Sweet and tart, people literally go bonkers for this. Every year we make more,  and we still sell out. Lasts up to 6 weeks in your fridge, and it ain't just for turkey! Great on any sandwich, or unaccompanied right out of the jar! Low calorie, organic, and a true taste sensation. Every bite is pure fantasy!
Give Peas a Chance
Our Price: $19.99

Silky smooth yet crisp at the same time, this is definitely not your grandma's Pea Soup. The perfect choice in any season, our updated version comes in at less than one-fourth the calories of the original. Delicious served hot or cold, with a taste so fresh it transports you to a lush, serene garden on a clear Spring day. All we are saying is......give this a chance!

*Gluten-Free. Vegetarian and Vegan options available. Please click on picture for all nutritional info.