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Artichoke-Bisque   'Choke On The Water
Parsnip-Bisque   'Snip Sliding Away
Minestrone   'Strone In Love
Roasted-Swt.Pot.-Apple-Bisque   Apple-tite For Destruction
Black-Bean-Soup   Back To Black
Borscht   Beet It
Shrimp-Bisque   Big Shrimpin'
0001   Box of Soup
Broccoli-Soup   Broc' Around the Clock
Carrot-Ginger-Bisque   Carrot On My Wayward Son
Wild-Mushroom-Soup   Dark Side of the Shroom
Shrimp-Gumbo   Delta Prawn
Peach-Bisque   Eat A Peach
Chicken-Soup   Get Plucky
Sweet-Pea-and-Watercress   Give Peas a Chance
3-32oz.-Soups   Happy Holidays Gift Trio
Cauliflower-Bisque-   Hotel Cauli-fornia
Traditional-pea-soup   Johnny Pea Goode
Our-Famous-Gazpacho   Macho 'Pacho Man
Sweet-Corn-Chowder   Maized and Confused
RTL-Famous-Brisket   Meat Don't Fail Me Now
Mexican-Tortilla-Soup   Mexicali Blues
Chili-Con-Carne   Moos Like Jagger
Heirloom-Tomato-Soup   Mr. Tom-Ato
Lobster-Bisque   Rock Lobster
35   Rock n' Roll CRAN-tasy
Excellent-quality-baseball-cap   Rockin' Merch
223   Rockin's Custom Mini Ladle
Roasted-Pepper-Bisque   Sgt. Pepper
Beef-Stew   Since I've Been Loving Stew
26   Soup Of The Month Club (6 or 12 Months)
Asparagus-soup   Spear-It In The Night
Potato-Leek-Soup   Spuddy Waters
Strawberry-Rhubarb   Strawberry Fields (and friends)
Squash-Bisque   Sweet Squash-O-Mine
Thai-Red-Curry-Soup   Thai A Yellow Ribbon
N.E.-Clam-Chowder   The Clambler
Stuffed-Cabbage   Twist and Kraut
Yukon-White-Corn-Vichyssoise   Vischin' And Hopin'

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